Kendra Barron’s 64 Doors

a healing and contemplative art experience

Are you able to assist in finding this consciousness raising art experience a permanent home?

call April Bell to discuss: (925) 465-1118

The possibility of an endowment connected to the donation is available, if required.

~ Details: Storing the doors~

here are photos of how consolidated the storage is, along with some helpful details

This is a group of 42 doors, taking up 100” x  38″

When combining all 64 doors you need a total space of 13 feet in length, including spacers for stability.

Each door is stored in its own denim bag with handles making it easy to pull out and to carry.

This storage space contains a product called DampRid which reduces moisture, needed here as we can’t control temperatures. This product would not be necessary in climate controlled environment.


1 + 1 =

Recommend a spacer to separate groups of doors, keeping them from tilting when pulling a door out.

Stands consist of these pieces in two sizes: 8” x 20” and 8” x 28″. The full stack of 24 stands is 36” high.

Assembled door stand. There are currenlty 24 stands total in the collection.

~ Details: Moving the doors~

This company moved the doors from Lafayette and installed them at our July 23, 2022 exhibit in Alameda.

The Handy Movers
11 Viking Dr, Pleasant Hill, CA
Office (925) 849-6035

~ Accompanying Media~

Kendra went on to develop a body of resources to deepen one’s experience of the doors. Notably her books, Visual Framework For Change and Brush With Life. The below video illustrates the eight sections the doors conceptually fall into.

Education has always been Kendra Barron’s passion. Years of teaching adult education art classes took her deeper into the psychological impact of the painting process, which inspired her to earn a Masters Degree in Arts and Consciousness at John F. Kennedy University.

In her 20’s, Kendra received her artistic training at the University of California, Davis and graduated from Cal Berkeley. She has enjoyed exhibiting her work through out the Bay Area. Sites have included Stanford University, California Institute for Integral Studies, and Diablo Valley College. Her collection of 64-doors have been featured at the Olive Hyde Gallery in Fremont, SOMAR Gallery in San Francisco, and the Victor Fisher Gallery in Oakland.