"Values-Based Video Storytelling"

Elegantly capturing wisdom & values through the power of story

Interviewing with Heart

Imagine your customers telling your story for you. My core talent is the interview and I have the ability to connect with people in a way that they feel fully comfortable in front of a camera. We engage in a natural  and enjoyable conversation, covering the specified topics. 

The Ultimate Gift

Family Legacy Storytelling: Did you know, research has proved, children who know their family’s narrative are happier and more resilient than children who don’t? We are literally wired for story. Since 2008, I’ve been passionate about capturing values-based stories for families.

StoryCatcher | iOS App

StoryCatcher for iOS is a fun and simple tool to create and share video stories with; complete with titles, video capture, photos and screen text. You can record, share and save all that you, your family, your friends — or maybe even strangers — have to tell.