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legacy questions

Legacy Questions – What’s Your Story?

“My Life in Paragraphs” is a story prompt card deck loaded with legacy questions. The deck has been designed to accompany the “My Life In Paragraphs” courses, created by Legacy Storyteller, April Bell.

The cards serve well as stand alone prompts to spark the stories which have brought meaning, learning, and purpose to your life. The goal of the cards is to assist you in telling your legacy stories and, as a by-product, possibly help you create deeper connections with the people you choose to share your stories with.

The card deck is as a wonderful gift, and is a perfect conversation starter for loved ones, colleagues, or anyone you’d like to know on a deeper level. Bring it along to traditional gatherings, such as Thanksgiving, and engage with your people in a unique and interesting way.

There are 52 questions, broken out into four themes. Note the icon at the top of the card to discern its theme:

Earth — Grounding/Values

Air —  Hopes/Dreams

Fire — Passions/Motivations

Water — Emotions

Document your most valuable stories by allowing these wonderful legacy questions to inspire you. These prompts serve as an elegant tool that will help you deeply connect with yourself and the people you hold most dear.

We all have lives filled with great stories, and by recording them we come closer to ourselves, to where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

~Elizabeth Daskarolis

Legacy Questions

My friend Elizabeth, whom I recorded a family video legacy with in 2012, decided to further expand her collection of stories. After our sessions, she embarked on a journey she called, “My Life In Paragraphs” to tell more of her stories, one at at a time. I loved this phrase she coined so much, I asked her if I could use it in my work.

The story work I do with people is mainly focused on spoken word storytelling. Not everyone enjoys (or is good at) writing, and many of those people are wonderful storytellers. I help people document their legacy stories in the best format for them. These legacy questions work wonderfully as writing prompts, or you could make bullet points to remind you of your story’s outline and then record yourself on audio or video, using your smartphone.

You might consider using the video storytelling app StoryCatcher®, and create a collection videos telling about your experiences, lessons, values, and hopes, all drawn upon using the card prompts.

Share when you’re inspired to. Start by creating a little collection, and allow it to grow into a big one! Do it on your own or consult a professional for help and guidance. My legacy courses are also perfect for this.

Exploring your legacy stories is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself.

I promise you that.

legacy questions
My Life in Paragraphs card deck

Provocative Legacy Questions

“My Life in Paragraphs” cards serve well as stand alone prompts to spark stories which have brought meaning, learning, and purpose to your life. The goal of the cards is to assist you in telling your legacy stories. If you’re wanting to go deeper, the “My Life in Paragraphs” courses are the perfect compliment to these legacy questions.

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Easily create legacy video stories. Once you’ve crafted a story from the legacy questions, use StoryCatcher app to record and share it. Your privacy is number one – once you download the app, you have 100% control over your media and data. My business partner and I co-created this app to help people like you share more stories.