What I’m Doing Now!

Storytelling Courses and Retreats

I’ve developed a 7-step process to help people ponder and explore their personal stories. I’m lit up by the experience people have when participating in my process. They see themselves in a new light. They evaluate their lives on a deeper level. They connect in a real way with those they share their stories with, be it family, friends or complete strangers. Often, they have a visceral experience of knowing and understanding that we are all connected, that none of us is alone, that we are all part of our greater human family.

I’ve been developing the “My Life in Paragraphs” process, retreat-workshop and collateral, which has been a dream for years now. If you have a value, there’s an origin story behind it. That’s the fundamental starting point for the work.

I’m committed to being a gentle evangelist for more love and connection in people’s lives, and for our planet.

I’ll be doing live in-person story circles at Creekside Commons in Lafayette in 2022. We’ll come together for about an hour to contemplate a new story prompt each session and share stories, too. There will likely be labyrinth walking involved, also a guided meditation to help deepen your inner explorations.

Soul Forum Podcast

I’m partnering on a podcast. We launched on 12/12/2021.

In our first series, “In Search of Soul,” we explore the diverse ways people stumble into, recognize or craft their sense of soul and its expression in the world. Each interview attempts to put language to experiences and expressions that often defy clear description.

Weaving in the voice of each person, Dan reflects on the key themes that emerge within each conversation while April spends time exploring the back stories that emerge as the matrix from which a meaningful life develops.

Each episode provides some insight into how you might construct your own deep and vibrant sense of soul. So, give yourself a moment to journey a little deeper into the human experience. Welcome to Soul Forum.

Curated by: Dan Senter, who brings over 35 years of experience engaging in the spiritual journey with individuals, congregations, and the community, and April Bell, founder of Tree of Life Legacies, a storytelling and wisdom keeping project in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Find Soul Forum where ever you listen to podcasts.


I upgraded my video camera and have been diving deeper into the technical aspects of using a camera — my interest is to capture beautiful images which communicate the essence of the persons I’m interviewing. It’s a full package, good sound, nice light and setting, provocative questions.


I love our app. We’ve updated StoryCatcher for iOS to a version I’m more proud of and stoked about sharing. It’s such a wonderful and simple tool. Give it a whirl. Join our mailing list if you want to be in the know: StoryCatcher® website.  We’re dancing with some folks in conversation about White Labeling StoryCatcher. That’s exciting! (and we is Urs Brauchli and I — we are partners in North Beach Apps, LLC — home to StoryCatcher®).


I feel we’re ready to move towards responsibly integrating technology into our human experience in a more useful way. I intend to be a positive part of that shift. I’m focusing on how to better integrate my interests in life story video interviewing, legacy storytelling for self-discovery, and bridging technology and connection in such a way that technology is a supporting tool for connecting us all rather than the distraction and disconnector it certanly can be. My views on social change near always involve looking at that pendulum swing. I feel we’re at the apex of change.


Meanwhile I’m producing a few family documentaries, an adventurous woman’s world travels, some business web videos, plus quietly building websites for a handful of clients.


For fun I hike in nature every chance I get, ride my mountain bike in local redwood and oak forests, skate, and listen to people’s stories. I also love live music. The pause button has been hit on a lot of stuff for now, but nature never disappoints. I’m always interested in actively expanding my spiritual life. I’ve been leaning into my love of photography a bit more. My Instagram account is witness to adventures I deem worthy of documenting. 🙂


Derek Sivers is my inspiration behind creating a Now Page. Go to nownownow dot com to be inspired and create your own.


Updated: 12 December 2021