What I’m doing now

Story Mining

I’m so proud to say I’ve written and self-published a book. I decided to repurpose my story prompt card deck into an instructional book, outlining my storytelling process. The book is inspirational and actionable. It’s a compilation of all I’ve talked about and developed these past fifteen+ years.

My purpose is to help and guide others in finding and telling their most meaningful stories. The book includes a few stories of my own plus the 52 life story prompts I’ve crafted for wisdom keeping. There’s also a companion notebook. Both available on Amazon. I’m in the process of making them available on alternative major platforms.

Storytelling Workshop and Retreat

I’m lit up by the experience people have participating in the process I’ve developed to help them find and tell the origin stories behind their values. They see themselves in a new light. They evaluate their lives on a deeper level. They connect in a real way with those they share their stories with, be it family, friends,  their teams, customers, or complete strangers. Often, they tap into an ephemeral yet deep understanding of their place within our greater human family.

For each value you hold, there’s an origin story behind it. That’s my fundamental starting point. What better place to stand than upon a foundation supported by the stories of  who you are, what’s shaped you, and why you do what you do?

Memoir Consulting

In an expansion to the video biographies I’ve been filming and editing since 2008, I’m assisting a handful of lovely people in getting their written memoir complete. I offer coaching and project management, pulling from my thirty plus years in production graphics (which started with newspapering) plus my over fifteen years of life story work. I delight in witnessing “the book inside” coming to life! It’s a sacred partnership.


I upgraded my video camera and have been diving deeper into the technical aspects of its use — my interest is to capture beautiful images which communicate the essence of the people I’m privledged to interview. It’s a full package, good sound, nice light and setting, provocative questions, intimate connection. I love it when I hear someone I’ve interivewed on video say, “You caught me!”


StoryCatcher for iOS turned ten in 2023. I love our app. It’s such a wonderful and simple tool. Give it a whirl. Join our mailing list if you want to be in the know: StoryCatcher® website.  We’re dancing with some folks around White Labeling the app to support their brand. That’s exciting! “We” being Urs Brauchli — we are partners in North Beach Apps, LLC — home to StoryCatcher®.

Story Republic with Bernadette Jiwa

In 2021/22, I took the Story Skills Workshop with Akimbo (Seth Godin’s School). Bernadette Jiwa leads this course and she’s a master storyteller. I’ve befriended some amazing folks in this community, and we all push our story limits together. My intention is to not only improve myself, but also empower/guide others to tell better stories.

I love Bernadette’s framework and am a founding member of her Story Republic community. I’m so grateful to be connected with the kind, generous, and gifted storytellers there. I’ve filmed a few stories lately; Surviving Storms depicts a massive personal turning point, and What Is Love? tells why I do this story thing.


I feel the world is on the cusp of responsibly integrating technology into our human experience in a more useful way. I hope. I intend to be a positive part of that shift. My views on social change near always involve watching that pendulum swing. We’re certainly at the apex of change.

Soul Forum Podcast

I’m co-host on a podcast. Phew, that was a lot of work! We launched on 12/12/2021.

31 episodes in all. Each provides some insight into how you might construct your own deep and vibrant sense of soul. We endeavor to explore the diverse ways people stumble into, recognize or craft their sense of soul and its expression in the world. Each interview attempts to put language to experiences and expressions that often defy clear description. Weaving in the voice of each person, my co-host, a seasoned spiritual leader, Dan Senter, reflects on the key themes that emerge within each conversation, while I spend time exploring the back stories that emerge as the matrix from which a meaningful life develops.

Find Soul Forum where ever you listen to podcasts.


Nature never disappoints. For fun I hike in nature every chance I get, ride my mountain bike in the local redwood and oak forests, inline-skate, and listen to people’s stories. I also enjoy live music in a small space. I’m forever interested in actively expanding my conscious connection to Mother Earth. I’ve been leaning into my love of photography a bit more. My Instagram account is often witness to adventures I deem worthy of documenting.


Derek Sivers is my inspiration behind creating a Now Page. Go to nownownow dot com to be inspired and create your own.


Updated: 10 March 2024

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