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Corporate and Organizational Stories

The founding purpose behind your business or organization

Does your business or organization have a compelling story? Do you wish you could elegantly and effectively communicate that story in such a way it helps your ideal clients and customers connect with you? 

Utilizing my inherent interviewing skills plus storytelling techniques, I put people at ease in front of the camera and get them talking in a natural and compelling way. Once the media is captured, I edit it into a polished and professional piece to be posted on websites and social media. With technology the way it is, anyone can film a video these days; however the quality and content of that video directly reflects back to the brand represented.

Whether it’s a corporate origin story, the founding story of an invaluable non-profit, or client testimonials fashioned into a fast-paced promotional video, I help my clients proudly showcase the stories that matter to them most.


GOLDRICH+KEST: True Grit; resilience, perseverance, integrity. This mini-documentary is the story of a California empire, built by a pair of unstoppable holocaust survivors. Created to presrve the founders’ legacy on the event of GK’s 60th Anniversary.


JOHN MUIR HEALTH FOUNDATION: Nurse Edna Haywood founded John Muir Health’s Concord Campus in 1930 at the age of 23. This is the short version from the 15-minute mini-documentary commissioned to preserve the hospital’s founding-legacy story. View the full package on my JMHF page.

FOUNDING STORY: Non-Profit Organization

PETER SATEGNA EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION: Peter Sategna was a WWII combat veteran who had help in creating a better life. The Peter Sategna Educational Foundation provides scholarships to local youth and combat military veterans to help in their quest to change their lives. This is the founding story.


SUNRISE BISTRO & CATERING Family Owned & Operated Since 1981, Sunrise has been delighting Downtown Walnut Creek, Ca. and beyond with a super tasty menu filled with healthful to decadent options. Have them cater your next event! More fast-paced and fun videos for this client here.

VOLUNTEER-RECRUITMENT: Non-Profit Organization

BLUE WATER FOUNDATION: Blue Water Foundation is an all-volunteer non-profit dedicated to bringing the joys & challenges of sailing to San Francisco Bay Area youth. Many thousands of students & hundreds of volunteers have sailed with BWF who works with school and community programs serving at-risk students, as well as with N. California county juvenile probation departments.

DEMO + TESTIMONIALS: Storytelling-Hiking App

POINT by VIZZIT-CANOGLE:  “It’s like having a personal tour guide in your pocket!” Testimonials were captured during this demonstration hike to illustrate POINT’s unintrusive ease of use and value while out on the trail. The client was thrilled with this video, and it freed up a ton of time by explaining their product to future customers.


GLASSDOOR for GK MANAGEMENT, CO.: GK is a large developer and property management company in Los Angeles with properties across California. They commissioned Tree of Life Productions to capture employee testimonials in both Northern and Southern California to aid in recruitment via Glassdoor. 


REAL WEALTH NETWORK had me and my team create one corporate web marketing video plus four customer testimonial videos, showcasing who RWN is and the value they provide members of their network. 


PEOPLE 1ST IT, INC. is a San Francisco Bay Area leader in IT Services. Learn why people love working with founder Matt Fabela and his talented, responsive, and highly professional team. View the full package here.

BOOK TRAILER: Memoir-Self Help

SECOND FIRSTS: Best Selling Author, Christina Rasmussen’s book trailer: Second Firsts ~ Live, Laugh and Love Again. To get the book and learn more, visit Christina’s website or find the book here on Amazon.


ALLISON TABOR, NSA PRO SPEAKER: Author, National Speaker Association Professional Speaker, and Executive Coach , Allison Tabor, commissioned me to create a speaker reel for marketing as a keynote speaker to the communities she best serves.


COPPIA ADVISORY: Executive Coach, Allison Tabor, CPC, tells about her services as we also hear from her appreciative clients who love working with her.

LIVE EVENT: Keynote Presentation

THE SCALING COACH Presents: The Rule of 80/20 by Peter Philipi/Strategex. Do you know the rule of 80/20? This educational presentation I filmed in 2013 is fantastic and illuminating for anyone wanting to get more done.

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