I recently had the most intriguing conversation…

produced by April Bell

Exiting with Grace – an Ethical Will with Kendra Barron

I recently had the most intriguing conversation…

produced by April Bell

Ethical Will

Living with terminal cancer, Kendra Barron graciously shares her perspective on choosing to experience the end of her life with wonder and curiosity.

What is left to discover? Showing up has its rewards. [1:58]

What you can do when you’re done. Losses, releases, and what to look for in the process. [3:38]


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How to make the experience meaningful. Shifting from fear and avoidance into trust. [3:26]

How to deal with feeling alone; allow feelings to have their say. [2:45]
What is the purpose of this experience? The part soul has to play. [2:18]

The Game Plan

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How to work with triggers and consequences; the key is awareness. [2:45]

Our soul designs a story line with problems to solve. Our human self explores ways to deal with the issues and limitations. [3:35]

Trust: What is the underlying issue to be released? Overcoming obstacles and emotions leads to human and soul growth. [5:24]

Reclaiming Our Power

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Looking at past programming. [7:18]

Turning to inner knowing for answers. [5:11]

How to overcome physical limitation. [3:11]

How choices shape our experience. [5:12]

Other Points of Interest

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Staying in touch with loved ones. [3:51]

Connecting with soul. [3:26]

A focus while living (the story of Zeusa). [4:29]

About Kendra Barron:

Kendra was born in 1945 and grew up in Berkeley, California. In her 20’s, she received her artistic training at the University of California, Davis and graduated from Cal Berkeley. Through her life, she has created beautiful art and has enjoyed exhibiting her paintings through out the Bay Area. Sites have included Stanford University, California Institute for Integral Studies, and Diablo Valley College. Her collection of 64-doors, based on the I Ching, have been featured at the Olive Hyde Gallery in Fremont, SOMAR Gallery in San Francisco, and the Victor Fisher Gallery in Oakland.

Education has always been Kendra’s passion. Years of teaching adult education art classes took her deeper into the psychological impact of the painting process, which inspired her to earn a Masters Degree in Arts and Consciousness at John F. Kennedy University. 

She transistioned on to her next adventure on September 1, 2023.

Learn more about Kendra’s 64-Doors here.

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