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Working Story Arc:

    • Chaotic/Thrill Seeking Childhood and Young Adulthood
    • Moves to Boulder – Finds Peace – Falls Ill
    • Medicine Journey: Scientist moves from Conventional Medicine to Functional Medicine to Full Spiritual Awakening; “Healer, heal thyself”

Tracie's Story Arc Discovery

Questions to assist in discovering your story arc


Knowing the answers to these questions will help with keeping a through-line moving forward.
Pretend you're in an elevator and have 30-seconds to tell a new person about your book.
This will help keep you motivated and grounded when things get challenging. Having this will help ME help you during those times.
To inspire? Educate? Illuminate? Transform?
Who are the people to potentially read your book?


Post in the space below and also Insert the headings (chapter names) into your existing manuscript


Post in the space below -- include Chapter Names for the stories you have told already and also others you have yet to tell
CURRENT ANSWER: Desperate for answers and relief from the physical manifestations. I knew my intellect and science-based approach did not hold the answers. [Can you tell a story from a specific moment in time when you knew your past way of thinking was in the way? Was there an "aha" moment? Please tell about it.)

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