Dan’s Retiring: A Shout-Out Video

  1. Watch the “how to” video You’re welcome to make a longer video, which will be shared with Dan, however be aware a cut down ‘selected clip’ will be used in the party day presentation.
  2. Film your video – what would you like to say to Dan on the occasion of his retirement?
  3. Fill out the form below
  4. Confirm your video’s been delivered

find a written transcrpt below the submission form

Dan Senter Shout Out Video

People who are submitting a video clips for Dan's Retirement Video

  • Please be sure to type the email in correctly or this form won't send.
  • example: "niece" or "friends with Dan for 42 years"
  • Such as, do you have a nick-name and prefer using it in the video when your name is displayed?

“There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy.”

Mark Twain

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