Workshop Experience: “Discovering My Values”


ften we put a great deal of energy into preserving our material assets to pass on for future generations. Ones wealth encompasses more than just a family's hard assets and financial portfolio. Your most precious assets are less tangible: they’re a family’s stories, values and beliefs. As steward to your family’s legacy, how do you help your family retain those assets? One of the best ways is with a tool for memorializing your family stories.

Come join Professional Personal Historian and Ethical Will Workshop Leader April Bell, who will show you how you might help your family effectively capture and share your invaluable family stories for posterity. By attending this multimedia and interactive 3-hour workshop, you will:

Complete exercises designed to help you explore the personal values that give meaning and purpose to your life.

Learn how you may achieve true asset protection through careful capture and curation of your family’s stories.

Be able to effectively document, share and record one or two core values through storytelling.

Have the chance to tell a story or two in front of the group illustrating your own core values (optional).

Don’t miss this fun and deeply enriching opportunity to discover your personal values and philosophies while learning how to curate your family’s wisdom and legacy stories. Those you love will be grateful you took the time to give them this irreplaceable gift to be shared today and for generations to come.


Currently scheduling in the San Francisco Bay Area

Investment: $125 per person


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Life Legacy Storytelling Retreat: I'm interested!

  • Venue is your home, church or conference area. We need a comfortable space where I show a slide deck presentation and accompanying videos. We need to allow for people to share in pairs and groups, plus write in their provided workbooks. Minimum 4 people, maximum 40.