The LifeStarters Shout-Out Video!


I am making a welcome video for our Life Starters Online Course (previously "Coffee With Christina") and I invite you to help by recording a short shout-out video of yourself talking about your experience to let new-comers in our community know what you got out of attending the course! Please keep it short; 30-seconds max! I cannot thank you enough for helping me! There's detailed instructions below (with recording tips!) on how to capture a video for this and some samples for ideas, too.

Or you can simply record your video using a smart phone, upload it to Dropbox and share the link in the form below! THANK YOU!

Sample Testimonials

To help you with ideas for recording your own video




Submission DEADLINE is JULY 25, 2016


“I’m plugging back into life 5 percent at a time, thanks to Christina and the re-entry program. It was a bridge between two worlds; a light in the mist, guiding me home.”  - Rosanne A.


“Even though my big loss happened more than 20 years ago, going through the re-entry process helped me shed the tattered cloak of grief and the feelings of unworthiness, because just letting time pass was not enough.”  - Natasha W.


“Re-entry helped integrate my feelings so that I understood not only where I am (the waiting room) and why, but where I need to go and the tools to get there.” - Stu P.



1) Please Record A Video: Details below

2) Upload video via the internet to Dropbox

If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can easily set one up. It’s free and simple - all the instructions are there

3) Share link to where  video is located using the form below



Please create a video of yourself that is no more than 15 to 30-seconrds in length.

Use your smartphone, iPad or computer to do this. Smartphone preferred.

IMPORTANT: Please record your video in LANDSCAPE mode (have device on it's SIDE: 7 x 5 not 5 x 7) for the sake of continuity in the finished video.

In other words, hold your phone on its side so it's long-wise on a horizontal plane.





If you're not tech savvy, find a young person in your life to assist you with filming and/or uploading.




Please do not have music, TV or loud noises in background while recording


Suggested recording device:

  • Choose the best quality device you have access to, that you will be able to transfer the video to Dropbox from (via internet upload). Smartphones work GREAT!

Possible Topics:

  • How the course transformed you
  • An acknowledgment of Christina's presence or guidance
  • An action you took due to being in the course you would not have taken otherwise
  • What I appreciate about Christina is...


LifeStarters Shout Out Video

Raving Fans submitting a video clip for Christina Rasmussen's Life Starters Online Course
  • Please be sure to type your email in correctly or this form won't send.
  • What month and year did you do the course?
  • Please upload your video to a share space like Dropbox and copy/paste the "share" link here. If you don't have a Dropbox account, it's super easy to set one up. []
  • Such as, do you have a nick-name and prefer using it in the video when your name is displayed?

Need support on what you want to say?

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