Stellar Testimonials and Killer Case Studies

Does your brand, business or service provide an excellent experience to the people you serve but you struggle with “tooting your own horn”?

Do you wish you could elegantly and effectively communicate your brand’s value in such a way that it generates new business?

What if I could help potential customers learn how awesome your business is without you having to do any awkward self-promotion?

Utilizing my interviewing skills and storytelling techniques, I put people at ease in front of the camera and get them talking about their experiences in a natural and compelling

way. Potential new clients will see themselves in your happy customer's stories and become connected to you faster and easier than you could have ever imagined.

Once the filming is complete, the footage is edited into a polished and professional piece to be posted on websites and social media channels. With technology the way it is, anyone can film a video these days; however the quality and content of a video directly reflects back to the brand represented.

I’ll let my clients illustrate why you'll want to partner with me in collecting stellar testimonials and killer case studies. Enjoy viewing the samples on this page and imagine your customers telling your story for you.

April Bell Testimonials

GLASSDOOR for GK Management, Co.: Goldrich+Kest is a large developer and property management company in Los Angeles with properties across California. They commissioned Tree of Life Productions to capture employee testimonials to aid in recruitment. |

POINT by Canogle ~ It’s like having a personal tour guide in your pocket. Testimonials were captured via interview during this demonstration hike to illustrate POINT's unintrusive ease of use and value to the user.

Real Wealth Network had me and my team create one corporate web marketing video plus four customer testimonial videos, showcasing who RWN is and the value they provide members of their network.

People 1st IT, Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area leader in IT Services. Learn why peop.le love working with Matt Fabela and his talented, responsive, and highly professional team.

Bob Squeri of San Francisco hired Bay Area Waterscapes to create this stunning waterfall and stream his father had always dreamed of, but had never gotten around to completing.



Revered thought leader and best selling Hay House author, Christina Rasmussen, shares about her experience working with me in creating her book trailer for, SECOND firsts; Live, Love, and Laugh Again.

Arthur Bart-Williams, CEO and Founder at POINT by Canogle shares his experience working with me and my team to create a testimonial demo video to be viewed by potential investors and new customers alike.

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