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Why we love working with April Bell

Revered thought leader and best selling Hay House author, Christina Rasmussen, shares about her experience working with me in creating her book trailer.

"[With April], you know you're going to get the best, she's not going to be happy until you're happy." ~ Arthur Bart-Williams, Co-founder at Vizzit (formerly Canogle)

"Working with you has been a pleasure, both personally and professionally, because you've made it very genuine and fun." ~ Michael Rosa, personal history film client

"I think that almost everybody would get benefit from working with you on this, April." ~ Don Carlson, life legacy video client and storyteller.

"All of my customers said they loved meeting April and commented on how professional she was and how they really felt comfortable." ~ Cash French | Bay Area Waterscapes
Rich-Fetkke"I watched the Real Wealth Network company video with three close friends Saturday night and they were blown away! They said it totally captures us and our values. They raved about the story line that runs through the video and how the final 15 seconds about connection is “absolutely what Kathy and I have always been about.” Our friends loved it so much their eyes were full of tears by the end! It was such a cool moment to share it with them and to see their reaction to it. So THANK YOU!!!" ~Rich Fettke | COO Real Wealth Network

Saul R. Smith

eCommerce Consultative Services

"April arranged and managed a video shoot for FloStor Engineering, Inc. at one of my clients warehouse facilities. She was impeccable in every aspect of the production, and the result is nothing short of fantastic. She has my highest admiration."

And then in 2018: "I lost my parents before meeting Ms. Bell. If you’re fortunate to still have yours, don’t miss the opportunity to have them interviewed and their stories memorialized for you and your children and their children to enjoy. Reach out now to Ms. Bell to start the journey."

Elizabeth Daskarolis

Oakland, California ~ October 2011

"Tree of Life Legacies, offers an invaluable service for ALL people ー We all have lives filled with great stories, and by recording them we come closer to ourselves, to where we have been, where we are, and where we are going ー [April's] skills of compassion, empathy, and a wide-open heart and ear beautifully facilitate this gift of self-discovery ー What could be better than that?"

Jeff Bell | A2A Alliance

News Anchor/Author/Mental Health Adv.

"April and I recently worked together on a short video for my nonprofit organization, and I couldn't have been more impressed by her talent, professionalism, and expert guidance at every turn. She made me feel both very comfortable and supported during the filming, and her editing proved to be outstanding. The finished product exceeded all my expectations. April is a rare gem!"

Jay P. Renneisen, Esq.

Law Offices of Jay P. Renneisen

"I hired April to do a personal history video of my mother and her two sisters. Wow! They all loved April and how she captured so much of their family and individual stories! I would recommend April to anyone who wants to document on video some of their most precious family history and loved ones."

Cliff Dochterman

Rotary International President 1992/93

"This is just a note to let you know how "well received" the DVD which you crafted has been. From our video-taped discussions, you captured so many stories and memories which I am now able to pass on to my family and friends. Many of the stories had never been recorded. Now I am certain that others will find them of interest in the years to come. At my age, I think I have passed the "autumn years" and approaching mid-winter, so I suspect that my grandchildren, and perhaps even their children, will someday find it interesting and will appreciate that "Grand-dad" took the time to tell a few stories about the unique experiences he had way back in the 20th century. Thank you for the unique experience of recording some of the highlights of my 84 years. You did a super job!"

Jim Finegold

Lafayette, California ~ March 2014

"If it wasn't for April Bell, I would not have relived my life. Some of the most enjoyment I've had since my wife passed away was reliving everything and reflecting on my life, through where I used to live, the newspaper articles and calling friends...All of them are as enthusiastic about it as I am!"

Graham King

Producer | Final Frame Stuidos

"I was working on a video for the Alameda Shade Shop and I wanted to really nail the interview because it is the foundation of a great finished product. Watching some of April's videos, I realized she is a great people person and conversationalist. I hired April to conduct the interview, allowing me to focus on image and audio quality. April met with me and my client at a pre interview session. April then showed up to the shoot with a great idea of how to tie in all the elements of the story. The interview was awesome and I got so much great stuff. April was instrumental in making this project shine!"

Bill Gallagher

Entrepreneur, CEO & International Speaker

"April shot and produced a video for a professional seminar we hosted and exceeded our expectations. She was a total pro and required no supervision or effort. We got a video with great sound to share with our attendees in a timely fashion. She was also a real pleasure in all communications related to our event and project. I would recommend her to any friends needing a similar project."

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