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The Value of Expressing Love: Don Carlson shares on how he expresses love to his wife each and every day.

A “Slice of Life” video is an excellent way for people who have attended one of my workshops to record a legacy story they generated that day.

This option may also be used to document the wishes expressed in a Living Will. No one will question the desires of a person when they can see and hear those words coming from their own lips.

Record your "how we met" story or tell a heart-felt story to loved ones and give the video as a cherished gift. This experience might be given as a gift to a fantastic storyteller in your life.

Feel free to use your imagination and let me help you and your loved ones create a professionally filmed and edited "Slice of Life" video.



Pre-production Consultation:

Up to one hour phone or in-person consultation to discuss your story, the best place to film you and what photos might work best in the edited video. Ideally, your finished edited video story will be between two and four minutes.

Guided Interview:

The filmed interview appointment will take approximately 90-minutes total.

I will set up the camera, sound and lights and film you for up to 20-minutes, assisting you in covering all the pertinent details needed to edit your finished video.

I provide you with a “Do’s & Don’ts” of what to wear too look your best in front of the video camera.

I will be at your physical location for no more than 90-minutes for a single story interview.

Filming & Photos:

The video is capture in HD media. Depending on the subject matter of your story, we will also capture b-roll. B-roll is footage other than the actual interview that will be overlaid on top of the video, as appropriate, during editing.

On this day, I will digitally collect any photographs and/or documents to be included in the edited video.

Professional Editing:

Once the interview is complete, the story is edited down to no more than two to five minutes, applying the supplied photos/media and screen text, as warranted.

One proof cycles is included with all changes supplied in one document. More editing beyond the one proof could incur additional fees at my standard hourly rate.

Lighting and Sound:

I will have at least one key light on you.

High quality Sennheiser wireless microphone with Tascam audio capture device is used for sound capture.

Royalty Free Music:

Background music is added to each video (when applicable) and chosen from my library.

You may supply me with a favorite music track you’d like used.

Digital Delivery:

The two to five minute video story is optimized for web streaming and digitally delivered in .mp4 format via a Dropbox share folder or download link.

You will have seven days to download and save your finished video. Beyond seven days post-delivery, you are wholly responsible for the storage and archive of your video files on your local drives.


Please be redundant and save at least TWO copies of your edited video in different places. Tell at least one friend or relative and your trust attorney where your digital media is stored. I do not have the resources to archive finished project files.


The Value of Giving: Elizabeth shares how her mother's example inspired to to give. 


The Value of Listening: Michael shares one of the ways he gained wisdom from the example of his grandfather, his Jiddo.

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