Legacy Storytelling for Organizations

family storiesWhen attending the “Discovering Values ~ My Legacy Within” workshop, you will enjoy exploring the personal values which give meaning and purpose to your life. Upon completion of the session, you will be able to effectively document, share, and record one or two core values through storytelling.

Come join Professional Personal Historian and Ethical Will Workshop Leader April Bell, and be guided in effectively capturing and sharing your invaluable legacy stories. In this interactive and fun retreat-like experience, you will:

Complete exercises designed to explore the values which give meaning and purpose to your life

Achieve deeper connections and stronger bonds through values based stories

Effectively document, share, and record one or two core values through storytelling

Tell a story or two in front of the group illustrating your own core values (optional)

Don’t miss this fun and deeply enriching opportunity to discover the stories behind your personal values and philosophies. Be a proactive StoryCatcher and curate your life's wisdom and  legacy. Your family, your friends, and maybe even your community, will be grateful you took the time to give them this irreplaceable gift to share today, and for generations to come.

Mike Crvarich, Vice President/Legacy Planning at John Muir Health Foundation speaks to the value of having done the Spirituality of Philanthropy workshop retreat with April Bell. Listen as he outlines the purpose of the work, its mission and cause, plus the direct impact doing this work with their donors had on donations received by the foundation in 2016.

Currently scheduling in the San Francisco Bay Area

Investment: $125 per person


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Life Legacy Storytelling Retreat: I'm interested!

  • Venue is your home, church or conference area. We need a comfortable space where I show a slide deck presentation and accompanying videos. We need to allow for people to share in pairs and groups, plus write in their provided workbooks. Minimum 4 people, maximum 40.