Branding With Heart

Our team was commissioned to create a fresh brand strategy for traumatic brain injury survivor turned abstract artist, Mario Scharmer. We created a new brand story that more fully represents who Mario is today, which serves as the foundation to roll out the plan we delivered. We provided the client with a wide range of detailed, executable actions. From simple to complex, we outlined how to set up an e-mail newsletter campaign all the way to giving concepts and outlines for a large production Reality TV/Webisode series. All the information was delivered in a fifty-five page slide deck (samples below) allowing the client the flexibility to manage their budget and methodically work the plan, as their resources allow.

April Bell

Professional Interviews, Video Producer, Research

Principal, enjoys sailing with juvenile delinquents, strumming her ukulele, boxing and yoga.

Peter Daskarolis

Creative Storyteller, Producer

Producer who is both a dog and cat person plus an LA and SF person. Acclaimed karaoke lounge lizard.

Alvin Lopez

Creative Director

Creative director, father of three, who never stops talking about how he got to be in Return Of The Jedi.